Men's Single Breast Blazer in Black - MIT

Product Description

*Picture simply shows style of blazer. Color will be in Black*

*MIT Logo Required*

*Special Order Item. Not available to be returned or exchanged.

ULTRALUX-100% Polyester
Lower Patch Pocket w Flaps, Top Welt, 3 Inside Pockets, Simulated Brass Buttons,Washable


Size XS: Chest=33 | Waist=28

Size S: Chest=36 | Waist=29-30

Size M: Chest=40 | Waist=34-35

Size L: Chest=45 | Waist=38-39

Size XL: Chest=48 | Waist=42-43

Size 2XL: Chest=52 | Waist=46-47

Size 3XL: Chest=56 | Waist=50-51

Size 4XL: Chest=59 | Waist=53-54