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Affordable Sports Uniforms with Style and Function

Posted by Holly White on 17th Feb 2016

Youth sports have become something very different than when I was a kid. Fancy trips to all sorts of fun places to play in tournaments, high end, name brand uniforms and equipment that are costing parents a pretty penny, one on one instruction outside of normal practices, paid coaches, you get the drift. At Educational Outfitters, we can help you find affordable uniforms for your team, not the name brands you might see in the big box stores, but brands that are manufactured at the same plants and facilities with the same fabrics and designs, but without the little logo that increases the price tag 3 times the worth. Call or visit us to help you put your team in a very nice uniform that we can customize for you! As Michael Jordan once stated about sports, "Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game." We can help you get your kids ready to enjoy the game in a great uniform!