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Chilly in the Classroom?

11th Dec 2016

Does your child come home from school and tell you they are freezing in their classroom?

Since our bodies emit heat, it is best to trap the warmth our bodies produce. Layering fabrics is the best way to stay warm and you can add or remove them, depending on if you’re too warm or cold as needed.

If you have a shivery student, check your school’s dress code or uniform policy for outerwear. You want to make sure they are able wear an approved sweater in the classroom. While you’re in the handbook, double check the styles and colors they are able to wear as well as seeing if the sweater has to have the school logo embroidered.

Once you see a uniform sweater on the approved list, just visit Educational Outfitters at 1628 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ  85282 and we’ll make sure to help you layer your student up to stay comfortable during their day. Also note our website is mobile friendly and you can order 24/7 – 365 days a year at your convenience. Don’t forget to mark their name in the sweater or have initials embroidered in case it gets stuck in the lost and found section at school. Call us at 480-429-5136 or visit us in December to save 10% on all of your uniform purchases.