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Tips on Getting Ready for School Quickly

23rd Oct 2016

Do you have trouble getting your kids up and out the door on school mornings? Here are 15 tips that will help you and your family get ready in a stress-free way!

No matter what time your child goes to bed, he always seems to be running late in the morning.

Here are some tips on how to get ready for school in a quick, stress-free way: ~Laura Richards, contributor and

1-Choose Clothing the Night Before

There's nothing worse than hearing the bus in the distance while your child is scrambling to find his clean shirt. You should pick out every single item of clothing, from his logo’d polo shirt down to his Khaki pants and socks, in advance. Make sure to check the weather forecast when doing so!

2-Designate One Place for Clothes

Once you prepare the school uniform, you should put it in a designated place. That way, when morning hits, your child will know exactly where to go to find their clothes for the day.

3-Keep Shoes Organized

You can waste a lot of time in the mornings by trying to sort through mismatched and disorganized footwear. To avoid this, you should have a designated shoe bin for each of your kids in your mudroom or hallway closet. You can also have your kids keep their shoes with the school uniforms they’ll be wearing the next day, so that everything is all in one place.

4-Make Sure That Your Kids Complete Their Homework Before They Go to Bed

Don't fall for the "I'll do it in the morning" line. Mornings are hectic enough before you add schoolwork into the mix. No kid does quality work while trying to race out the door.

5-Make Lunches the Night Before

This is a no-brainer, but the more you can do the night before, the better. Make sandwiches, pour drinks, prep snacks and keep everything in the fridge or a designated spot so you, or your kids, can grab them easily and get out the door on time..

6-Keep Backpacks Fully Stocked

You can also prepare your kids' backpacks the night before. Make sure that homework, supplies and permissions slips are all safely tucked away. And place backpacks next to the door so your kids can grab them quickly on their way out!

7-Organize Your Own Items

You can be a good model for your kids by making sure that everything is in place on your end. To keep things running smoothly, you should organize all the items your family uses in the mornings in advance.

8-Have Your Kids Shower at Night

Bathing the night before can save your kids a lot of time in the morning.

9-Set Alarms 15 Minutes Early

Having a few extra minutes can ease stress levels for everyone.

10-Invest in a Light Alarm

Some kids have a really hard time waking up. It might help to get an alarm that uses light along with sound. These alarms mimic the sunrise, which helps ease kids awake.

11- Ban TV in the Mornings

Your kids will be able to get out the door faster if they are free from distractions.

12-Set a Timer

If your kids have a real issue staying on target, you should set a kitchen timer in the morning. This can give them an idea of how long they have to dress, eat and brush their teeth.

13-Simplify Breakfast

Busy school mornings are usually not the time to have an elaborate egg and bacon breakfast. Choose healthy and quick options that are packed with protein.

14-Use Weekends to Plan

Use the weekend to get caught up on washing your plaid skirts, khaki shorts/pants, and embroidered shirts all while stocking up on your school lunch supplies. The weekend is also a good time to ask your kids if they have any upcoming projects. No one wants to hear that a kid needs a poster board 20 minutes before the bus arrives!

15-Cross-Check Everything the Night Before

It can't hurt to double-check that everything you and your kids will need in the morning is laid out properly, especially if your little ones took the initiative to prepare their uniforms and supplies themselves. This way you can rest easy knowing that there won't be any big surprises in the morning.

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