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Back to School Season - Why are we talking about that now????

School uniforms are a customized business and require lots of planning in order to have the proper apparel in the store by the time the shoppers arrive for back to school season . At Educational Outfitters, we have to start planning for the next school year in the fall prior. We place our orders and start producing embroidered goods so that we are ready for the summer's back to school season. The manufacturers need time to make the plaids and special items that are non-stock apparel.

Educational Outfitters starts our sales in May so that we can stagger our customers out throughout the summer. For the biggest savings, we recommend you shop between May 20th - May 31st (20% off!). Keep your tags on your apparel and we are happy to exchange it if your kids grow over the summer. Also, watch our sales in the Spring for some fantastic deals! It's never too early to shop, just leave those tags on!

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What is your New Year's Resolution?

It’s that time of year where many of us try to decide on our New Year’s resolution. What exactly is a New Year’s resolution? It’s a tradition most common in the Western Hemisphere where a person makes a commitment of self-improvement or, perhaps even offer consistent acts of kindness to others on a routine basis. Resolutions can be as [...]

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Building a Love for Reading in your Children

I joined a book club a few months ago and am so glad I did. I had really gotten away from reading over the last few years....I was always too busy. But now that I am in book club, I have a deadline and make sure I get my book read each month. [...]

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The Equalizer

What are some of the first things that come to mind when you think of ‘school uniforms’? Crisp khakis and oxford button-downs or maybe it’s a plaid, pleated skirt. Does your mental image of school uniforms contain ivy-league, academic style buildings with luxury cars in the parking lot?Not to bust the bubble…..but, reality is school uniforms are not [...]

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Chilly in the Classroom?

Does your child come home from school and tell you they are freezing in their classroom?Since our bodies emit heat, it is best to trap the warmth our bodies produce. Layering fabrics is the best way to stay warm and you can add or remove them, depending on if you’re too warm or cold as [...]

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Small Business Saturday

DAY ONE - 2010The first-ever Small Business Saturday took place on Nov 27.It encouraged people across the country to support small, local businesses.THE DAY BECAME OFFICIAL - 2011The United States Senate unanimously passed a resolutionof support for Small Business Saturday.EVERY STATE IN THE UNION - 2012From Washington D.C., to Washington State, governors, mayors, andeven President [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving is almost here and we at Educational Outfitters want to wish you a wonderful holiday! I hope you get to spend it with friends and family and it is a fun and relaxing time. Don't stress about the perfect turkey or gravy, enjoy your family and friends. The food is good, [...]

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Tips on Getting Ready for School Quickly

Do you have trouble getting your kids up and out the door on school mornings? Here are 15 tips that will help you and your family get ready in a stress-free way!No matter what time your child goes to bed, he always seems to be running late in the morning.Here are some tips on how to get ready [...]

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Fashionable School Uniforms

School Uniforms have trends, yes they do! What we have seen over the last couple of years are more and more girls wanting to wear the boys ties, and I have to say, they look so sharp! Girls also love the hair accessories to complete their uniform look with a very cute hair [...]

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LIfelong Friends

Last night, my best friend from childhood called me at 10 pm and asked if I could pick her and her family up at the airport. They were traveling from Houston to San Francisco and due to bad weather, had to land and ended up getting stuck overnight. She was traveling with her husband, [...]

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